Client-specific projects tailored to within budgets

Drafting designs together with Construction Managers delivers cost-effective & functional projects

We are dedicated to integrated Design and Construction which eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional tender contracting such as over run budgets, delayed deadlines or second-hand advice. Our fee proposal for the preparation of Concept Design and Engineered Architectural Working Drawings is always competitive at around 2.5-3.0% of your overall project expenditure.

Why pay an independent consultant or architect fees to later find out when you tender your project, the project design exceeds your budgetary requirements.

Designing & Constructing with us, licenced under the BSA, can limit your company’s exposure to risk involved in the Tender Build. With a single entity responsible for all aspects of the construction process, there is only one party to deal with if there are any mistakes or discrepancies on the project.