Commercial CONSTRUCTion

Aged Care Units, Defence Force infrastructure, Educational facilities, Commercial extensions, Marine structures, HVAC’s… we can do almost everything

Neater have successfully delivered a vast range of projects for the Australian Defence Force and associated Departments on a number of geographically unique sites. These include RAAF Air Force Bases, HMAS Naval Bases, Field Training Areas and Restricted Rad-Haz sites.

Projects have included:

  • Workshops and Offices
  • Building Refurbishments
  • Specialised Communication Towers
  • Vessel Pontoons and Marine Structures
  • Lift Replacements and Upgrades
  • Store Facilities
  • Target Mechanisms
  • Kitchen Mess Halls

Education facilities, schools and training centres have benefited from our design and constructed offices for administration, meeting rooms with operable walls and Individual work stations. You might have a commercial premise for lease that you want to extend and subdivide into two leasable premises. Neater Constructions can help you with design and space considerations to help you optimise your extension and stay within your budget.

Whatever your needs may be, come in for a consultation with Neater Constructions to discuss your plans, options and budgets; the initial consultation is a free no obligation meeting.