Neater Commcercial Constructions (NCC) has always provided a design & construct service for any client requiring tailor made projects to a budget. NCC employs full time drafts people who are very experienced and work together with construciton managers to design buildings that are both aethestically pleasing, but functional to construct.

NCC are dedicated to integrated Design and Construction thereby eliminating many of the problems associated with traditional tender contracting such as "over run budgets, delayed deadlines and second hand advice". Our fee proposal for the preparation of Concept Design and Engineered Architectural Working Drawings is very reasonable at around 2.5 - 3.0% of your overall project expenditure. Why pay independant consultants & architects inflated fees, to later find out when you tender your project that the project designed exceeds your budgetary requirements, when you could eliminate this concern from the beginning.

By deciding to Design & Construct with NCC, who are licenced under the BSA to design and construct our own projects in an open and transparent manner, you can limit your company's exposure to risk involved in the Tender Build delivery method by utilising our services. With a single entity responsible for all aspects of the construction process there is only one party to deal with if there are any mistakes or dsicrepancies on the project.

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