Neater Commercial Constructions (NCC), primarily, only constructs pedestrian bridges/walkways & smaller vehicular traffic bridges. NEater understands that no two bridges are the same, given the differences in terrain, soil classifications, traffic flow capacity. load bearing capacity and available construction method of the bridge. This is why NCC is the perfect option for your project needs as we have our own in house design and have the flexibility to adapt to any situation. Neater can supply and install bridges of various designs, construction materials (such as concrete, steel & timber) and sizes.

Neater is not limited to construction in Far North Queensland and can readily mobilise to any site across Queensland and to a greater extent Australia.

Neater can help you explore the various design and structural options to your business to achieve a functional yet aesthetically pleasing bridge.

Neater also has the management systems and environmental knowledge to assist in the planning, approval and start-up phase of the project, which can sometimes prove too great a stumbling block for others.

Neater Commercial - Pedestrian Bridge